Group of transformers
Second group of transformers
Quality Engineered for Performance and Reliability

  • Power High Frequency
    High Frequency Switching applications from 20Hz to 500KHz. Through hole or surface mount. Litz wire for high frequency performance. Low profile, low space designs. Ferrite Core Styles E, EC, ER, EP, EFD, ETD, PC, PQ, RM, RS, Toroidal, U, etc. Flyback, Forward, Push-Pull, etc. converter topologies. Custom designs.

  • Power 50/60/400 Hz
    50/60Hz 115/230V Input, Low/High Profile, Selectable Output Voltages, Balanced Windings some models, and Low Capacitive coupling to minimize line noise. 1500V Hipot, 2500V Hipot, 4000V Hipot options. Range of VA sizes.

  • Current
    50/60/400 Hz Input. Provides output current to stated % accuracy over specified current range. Output current linearity specified over current range. Designed to handle over current conditions. Higher accuracy designs available. Isolated input / output.

  • Toroidal
    High Efficiency, Compact designs, many size options. Low Height & Weight compared to standard EI core designs. Low Electromagnetic Field Radiation. Available in strip steel alloys & ferrite to meet frequency & power requirements. Chassis & through hole mounting options. To 1000VA strip wound.

  • High Voltage
    Designed & Tested for Optimum Performance. Vacuum Epoxy or Vacuum Silicone impregnation, optional custom designed bobbins, careful attention to insulating materials and electrical spacings provide superior insulation between windings and reduce corona discharge. Custom designed for specific application.

  • Audio & Telecommunications
    High quality impedance matching, line balancing and line isolation.

  • Pulse
    Used in line coupling, isolation, digital audio, digital signal transmission, & high voltage pulse applications. Unipolar voltage pulse input. Low leakage inductance and interwinding capacitance. Exhibiting high frequency wideband characteristics and producing an output pulse of high fidelity waveform. Ferrite core construction.

  • Isolation
    50 / 60 Hz Standard Line Voltage Input options. Designed for use with general purpose loads (no inrush) and for specified isolation voltage between input & output. Standard Output Voltages. 25 VA to 500 VA.

  • Potential
    50/60/400 Hz Input
    Provides output voltage to a stated % accuracy over a specified voltage range. Provides specified output voltage linearity over input voltage range. Able to handle specified over voltage conditions. Higher accuracy designs available. Isolated input / output.

  • 3-Phase
    Up to 1KVA
    Custom designed

  • Control
    50/60Hz Standard Line Voltage Input options. Designed for use with electromagnetic devices (motors, relays, solenoids, etc.). Provides Output Voltage Regulation during High Inrush Current turn on. Input Output circuit Isolation. Standard Output Voltages. 25 VA to 500 VA.

  • Encapsulated Transformers
    Epoxy or Silicone Encapsulation for protection from harmful environments such as shock, vibration, moisture and corrosive agents and improved thermal transfer. EMI shielding also a consideration.

  • Current Sensing, HF
    Converts an AC current measurement to an instrument / control voltage for power monitoring applications, monitors current for a ground fault condition. Handles peak sense currents and provides isolation.

  • Coupling / Balun, Splitter Audio
    High quality impedance matching, line balancing and line isolation

  • Equivalents & Custom
    Effective designs for a wide range of transformers to suit your specific applications. Providing you with the performance, workmanship and reliability that you need.

Core Styles

  • Toroidal Cores
  • C-Core
  • Ferrite & Powder Cores
  • Laminated Cores
  • All Commercially Available Core Styles

Core Materials
All Modern Materials Including:

  • Nanocrystalline¬†Metal Alloys
  • Amorphous Metal Alloys
  • Ferrites and Powder
  • Nickel Steel Alloys
  • Silicon Steel Alloys
  • Air core

Magnet Wire, etc.

  • full range of AWGs
  • round, rectangular, square wire
  • Litz Wire
  • copper foil

Encapsulation, Impregnation, Coatings

  • Epoxy Encapsulation
  • Silicone Encapsulation
  • Vacuum / Pressure Impregnation
  • Varnish Impregnation
  • Coatings for protection against moisture, environmental factors, chemicals and corrosive attack

Mounting Options

  • Surface Mount
  • Through Hole
  • Chassis
  • Custom


  • Electrostatic shielding
  • EMI shielding

Applications of Custom Transformers

  • Power Supplies
  • Communication Equipment
  • Satellite Communications Equipment
  • Measuring Devices
  • Industrial Control Equipment
  • Switchgear apparatus
  • Battery Charging Equipment
  • Audio Equipment
  • Electrical Isolation
  • Light Weight Portable Devices
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Specialty Instrumentation

Typical Transformer Design Considerations

  • Power supply circuit operational requirements (frequency, duty cycle, etc.)
  • Minimum size / space requirements
  • Weight constraint
  • Efficiency requirements
  • Maximum operating temperature
  • Maximum / minimum ambient temperatures
  • Transformation accuracy requirement (high accuracy -measurement. low accuracy - sensing), linearity requirement over specified range (current, voltage)
  • Impedance matching
  • Electrical isolation (high voltage withstand, block DC signals & ground loop noise)
  • Step-up, step-down
  • Ruggedness to vibration / environment
  • Frequency performance requirements over bandwidth
  • Design for manufacturability and parts availability for fast delivery
  • Reliability